Radio Flyer - The Bruce Legacy

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Radio Flyer - The Bruce Legacy
By: Kate B. |  Setting: Zebulon, NC  |  Date:  Thursday, January 5, 2017
Way back in the dark ages, when I was a little girl, my life centered around a Radio Flyer Wagon. My wagon went everywhere that I went. As I grew up and became an adult, one of the first things that my children received was their first Radio Flyer wagon. Now, many years later, I am a proud Grandmother of 6, and the legacy continues. Pictured here is my grandson with his newly acquired “first wagon”. No toy is more appreciated or used than a Radio Flyer wagon. You can put a variety of different toys under the Christmas tree, and as always, the Radio Flyer wagon prevails as the childhood favorite.
Radio Flyer is as American as Apple Pie, and is in our blood. It is part of who we are. I can still remember making trails in the woods with my Radio Flyer, and I am sure, even though my grandson is now using his first Radio flyer for rock collecting, there will be a million other uses for this one and his next generation Radio Flyer.

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