Radio Flyer helps child with Down syndrome ride

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Radio Flyer helps child with Down syndrome ride
By: Scott H. |  Setting: Oakville Ontario Canada  |  Date:  Friday, June 2, 2017
Meet 4 year old Evelyn Joy. Evelyn has Down syndrome and her parents Scott and Rebecca had been searching for the perfect bike to help Evelyn learn to ride. Because of weak muscle tone, which is a common trait of Down syndrome, Evelyn needed a bike that could assist her with learning the concept of pedaling.

Having reasearched a wide range of options, Evelyn's parents knew the quality that Radio Flyer produced and decided to visit the Radio Flyer site to evaluate options. They configured the perfect bike for Evelyn and had it shipped right to the door.

Evelyn's bike is proudly funded by the Halton Down Syndrome Association bursary program which supports people living with Down Syndrome with their development, education and community integration.

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