Radio Flyer Model 7

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Radio Flyer Model 7
By: Virgil J. |  Setting: Darien, Ga.  |  Date:  Sunday, July 10, 2016
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I have always loved RF wagons. I bought the miniature and the small-sized models at Sears over 20 years ago and I still have them. I worked for Sears at the time. I also bought the last Sears & Roebuck wooden-side wagon that our Sears store had in stock, back in 1999. It was a Christmas gift for my baby son, and we still have it. It looks just like a Radio Flyer wagon. Is it a RF-made wagon? My main reason for writing is that I went to an estate sale 2 years ago and bought a RF Model 7 wagon, still sealed in the box. The seller said it was in his dad's local store in the stockroom for all those years. He said it was circa 1950's, but I think it was manufactured in the 1960's. Either way, a great find sealed in the box.

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