Red Wagon

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Red Wagon
By: Karen S. |  Date:  Saturday, April 26, 2014
"It was Christmas of 1993 and my son was 3 years old. We were living in San Jose, Ca. Papa Wally (my Dad, lived in Chicago, where I grew up) insisted that he was the ONLY one who could buy Charles his red wagon. Well, he shipped it to us and Charles was so excited to have that red wagon. He pulled the 2 cats in it(when they let him), he put his Power Rangers in it, and assorted toys, and back yard picnics, and his cousins. We had that red wagon for years. Even after he set it aside, we used it for his little sister for trips to the park. We had that red wagon to help us in the garden and transport kids to the park and up and down the street. That little wagon lasted a LONG time and was very useful to us. In 2013, we moved across country and finally let the wagon go. I find that I am missing the red wagon and all the chores it helped us with. "

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