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By: Jazelle C. |  Date:  Thursday, April 3, 2014
My baby saying "Taaadaaaa!"

On March 27th, Her tricycle got stolen in the park last week just a few days when we bought it for her. Everyday, she would ask us where her bike is and wants to ride it. It breaks my heart because I know that she really enjoys her bike. So my husband and I decided to get her another one. We went to the store and pick up a different brand as per hubby's request. I didn't argue because I wanted him to see the difference between the brand that he picked and the radio flyer. And I was right! Right after he finished assembling the trike.. It only took him 10 mins before he decided to return it to the store and get the same exact radio flyer tricycle that we had. My almost 2 yr old daughter was so happy when she saw the red trike! She got really excited and wanted to play with it right away. She thought that we found her missing trike! On April 10.. She will turn 2.. We got her 2 radio flyer tricycles for her 2nd birthday because unfortunately the first one got lost. I know she will start to build good memories with this little trike.. And I should say.. it's worth all the penny.. The quality, durability, stability, safety and design made us decide that this tricycle is a keeper and will last longer compared to other similar trikes. I just hope nobody will try to take this again from her because I could not afford a third one anymore! lol! Thank you so much, this little trike makes my daughter so happy!

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