Refurbished 1984 Town & Country

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Refurbished 1984 Town & Country
By: Andrew W. |  Setting: Reno, NV  |  Date:  Wednesday, March 4, 2020
Refurbished Town and Country

Thought you might like to see a 35 year old Town and Country (I believe it was called the Rodeo then) Radio Flyer that was my son's first Christmas gift in 1984. It had many, many miles on it but I thought I would refurbish it. I had to make four new sideboard slats, varnish the floorboard, disassemble and paint all metal parts, etc. I polished the metal hardware, including the screw heads and sideboard brackets and was able to find the red cap wheel retaining washers at a local hardware store. When I showed my wife the finished product, she was quite impressed and I agree it turned out beautifully. No grandkids yet, but if there were, this would be there first Christmas gift also.

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