RF Generation

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RF Generation
By: Melinda L. |  Date:  Monday, March 3, 2014
"I will always remember my dad telling me stories of his first "little red wagon" and all the fun he had in it with his siblings when they were young. My mom always has similar stories of her and her siblings having fun in their wagon together and how if brought them closer because it was something they could all do together.
I remember my dad pulling my sisters and I all over in our metal red Radio Flyer wagon. It was a gift one Christmas and we loved that thing. We used it for gardening with mom, playing with dad, walking to the local park, and many other things (like holding our stuffed animals and other toys in while we were playing outside). It was a great toy for my sisters and I to bond over. I will never forget all the many things we did with that wagon and I will never forget how sad we all were the day it finally broke (years and years and years after we got it).
Now as a mother of 3 girls I'm so glad that we were able to get a Radio Flyer wagon that my girls are enjoying like I did when I was little. They love going for walks around our neighborhood in it, having my husband run around the yard pulling them all behind him while they laugh and smile. I can't imagine how different my parents stories would go, how my childhood would have been and how my children's life would be without being able to come closer together with a Radio Flyer wagon."

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