RF Jealousy

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RF Jealousy
By: Alysia B. |  Date:  Friday, March 21, 2014
"I grew up across the street from two sisters, one my age and one a few years younger. Their parents bought them a Little Red Flyer wagon, and I was always jealous. I couldn't wait to go play with them....and their wagon. Years later I now have two toddlers of my own and we just received a wagon from their Nana. Yes! Finally got me a Radio Flyer....well, um, er ....They got a Radio Flyer. First ride for both boys ended with tears as the oldest wanted to stay in the wagon and we had to pry him out of it. Not to worry boys, lots of rides in your future. Not to mention, when you are in bed, Mommy may take a ride or two. :)"

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