Santa's Wagon

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Santa's Wagon
By: Rodney N. |  Date:  Tuesday, December 31, 2013
Rowan has owned a Radio Flyer wagon for most of his life, but since he's not even two yet, that's not hard. Last Christmas, his grandparents gave him this gift to enjoy as he grows. We were delighted! We've all seen little kids riding in their Radio Flyers through the park or being carted along at parades, and we couldn't wait to be able to pull our son along outside in the fresh air.

But to Rowan, his wagon is much more than just transportation. Some days it's an invaluable yard tool, allowing him to "help" Daddy with outdoor tasks. It has served as a fire truck, with him riding around the yard yelling "nee naw, nee naw!" It's been a fort that he sits in with his best friend, our dog Sophie.

It never ceases to amaze us how much a simple toy can incite the imagination. So when we found Rowan taking presents from under the Christmas tree, piling them into his wagon and driving them around the house, we had our inspiration for this year's Christmas card. We thought it would be fitting that our card feature our boy wth two of his favorite things: his dog and his Radio Flyer!

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