Saved From the Dumpster

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Saved From the Dumpster
By: William P. |  Setting: Germantown, NY  |  Date:  Wednesday, June 17, 2015
Here is what my wife calls her "little red wagon," a Radio Jet Model 90. It was purchased around 1972 at auction upstate New York after it had almost certainly been used in agriculture. The wheels were worn out and the handle a replacement. She used it on her "adventures" (all day outings) after filling it with "supplies" (food, water, toys). It fell into disuse for 40 years in a tool shed as my wife grew up. When we sold the house recently it was rediscovered and spared from the dumpster. I decided to restore this treasured piece of Americana . It cost $10.95 back then. (see circa 1960s ad). A bit of research informed me this is a genuine Radio Flyer product! Your parts department provided original tires and a new handle. A local sand blaster removed the accumulated rust and paint after I disassembled it. It was primed and repainted Regal Red paint and reassembled with new hardware. I also had a decal made matching the original "Radio Jet" label. Now it's as good as new. My wife is using it again only this time for gardening and hauling her supplies, her latest form of "adventure." So one is never too old to have a Radio Flyer.

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