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By: Jill A. |  Date:  Friday, January 17, 2014
Simone, at three years old, wakes up from her nap every day, and ventures outside for another radio flyer adventure. Sometimes she takes her big red wagon, but lately, her favorite mode of transportation has been her bright red radio flyer trike. Every day, she cruises the neighborhood, stopping to collect odd rock specimens, leaves, and fallen sticks.

Simone loves flowers. Her grandparents have a beautiful garden Simone has helped take care of since she could first walk. As she got older, she learned that some flowers are okay to pick, while others are best left alone for others to enjoy.

So when we travel through the neighborhood and come across beautiful flowers, Simone reminds me, "Mama, these flowers are NOT for picking. We can smell them but we have to make sure EVERYONE can see them."

Soon, her little sister will be big enough to participate in Simone's radio flyer adventures, but until then, it is one of the sweetest things we share together.

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