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By: Alicia A. |  Date:  Monday, August 19, 2013
"When I was a little, about 6 or 7, we used to have horses. Every night, My brother and I would go out and feed the horses. One night, my brother and I went to feed the horses. To get to the horse barn, we had to cross a muddy creek and a field. As we were crossing the creek, my boot got stuck in the mud. I tried to free my foot, but I couldn't get myself out. Instead of laughing at me, my brother also tried to help. He tugged and tugged, trying to get my boot out of the mud. He couldn't do it because he was not strong enough. My parents were both inside our house, which was far away and it was night. My brother was going to go get my dad to help, but I didn't want to be left alone at night with my boot stuck in the mud, helpless. My brother was pulling our Radio Flyer wagon full of hay to feed the horses. He took the hay off of the wagon and pulled it closer to me so I could sit on it so that way he could try and pull my boot out. He still couldn't get my boot out of the mud. He helped me pull my foot out of my boot, so he could carry me home in the wagon. After he pulled my foot out of my boot, I slid inside the wagon and he pulled me home so I wouldn't have to get my foot all muddy. He delivered me to my house, and then returned by himself to go put the hay back on the wagon so he could feed the horses. I got home safe because my brother rescued me with our Radio Flyer wagon. "

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