Too Much Fun!

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Too Much Fun!
By: Silas M. |  Setting: Beaverton  |  Date:  Saturday, June 6, 2015
My name is Silas and I'm 8 months old so my Daddy is speaking on my behalf. My Auntie Claudia brought over this awesome Radio Flyer wagon and I roamed around my backyard in it, I had so much fun that I didn't want the day to end. I was disappointing knowing that this wasn't my wagon but I know that my cousins will share it with me. A few days later my Grandpa showed up with a bright shiny new Radio Flyer Wagon complete with Cup holders and seats with Seat belts. I can't wait to try out my new wagon this weekend and wanted to thank the folks at Radio Flyer for helping my Daddy get a Canopy for it so that I don't get sun burnt.
Happy Wagoning everyone!

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