Tough Wagon

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Tough Wagon
By: Rod L. |  Date:  Tuesday, May 27, 2014
My mother in law bought this wagon as a present for us when our first daughter (her first grandchild) was born. Our daughter loved her daily rides around the neighborhood and my mother in law loved that we continued to fill up the wagon with 2 more kids. This wagon has carried my 3 kids and their gear to endless concerts, sports event, picnics and the beach. As my kids out grew the wagon I began to repurpose it as my wheel barrow. I have abused this poor thing with rocks, sod, dirt, mulch, tires, fire wood and lumber and it is still going strong. My kids are now 13, 12, and 11. This wagon has been getting it done for over 10 years. My neighbors are all laughing at me but one of them just bought his second yard cart while my red wagon is still working. This thing was really built to last.

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