Tric-er Dude

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Tric-er Dude
By: Holly B. |  Date:  Thursday, May 8, 2014
My son received his Radio Flyer tricycle for his second birthday and quickly became a pro at riding it. This past winter, it was long and cold, but he was able to use his tricycle in our basement and he learned to maneuver that thing awesomely! I have loved the Radio Flyer company since I was a little girl with a little red wagon, hauling my stuffed animals throughout the neighborhood. So, I knew that there would be no question as to what type of tricycle he'd be receiving! He just turned three and I had imagined a series of portraits for his 3-year-old photo shoot for at least a year -I have taken all of his portraits. His grandpa, or "Puppa" is a Harley Davidson rider and refers to my son as his "little buddy." So, I wanted to make a portrait that would be unique and memoriable and I am so glad he had his Radio Flyer tricycle to pull it off! Thank you!

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