Victor and His Wagons

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Victor and His Wagons
By: Carmen T. |  Date:  Wednesday, November 16, 2016
My son Victor, age 4, likes to send different things of his with his daddy so whatever it might be can travel and daddy won't get lonely missing him. So far he's sent his Hairy Blue Blanky (his name for it lol), different cars and trucks, and the occasional stuffed animal.
While my husband Philip was home from his last trip Victor told him he wanted his wagon to go the next time he left. Philip said Victor would miss playing with his wagon and he would leave it at home. Victor, however, had other plans.
Philip got up very early and left our house about 2 am last Tuesday. His place of employment is over 20 miles away; he drives back roads, gravel roads with potholes, and the I-75 interstate to get there. He arrived, got out of his pickup truck, and noticed something out of the corner of his eye as he was passing by.
He stops, turns around to look, and there is Victor's Radio Flyer wagon hooked onto the ball of his trailer hitch.
I have found the wagon tied to the tow hitch with bungee cords, jump ropes, bead necklaces-basically anything he can find will be used. Victor didn't tie the wagon to the hitch at all. He simply hooked the handle over the ball on the trailer hitch. Philip backs his truck in when he gets home and never thought to look. He will definitely be checking his truck from now on!
Along with the wagon, Victor sent a large piece of a broken brick which may have saved his wagon from total destruction by giving it some weight. The only damage was to the 2 front tires and the hubcaps along with some wear and tear on the rear tires. The wagon is still in useable condition....for now.
I will be attaching some photos of the plastic wagon in the story and the last Radio Flyer wagon that fell apart due to age which was metal. He still plays with the pieces of it. The handle and front wheels of the metal wagon aren't shown in the pictures but they are nearby.
I'm absolutely thrilled with the quality of the Radio Flyer wagon that our son got for his birthday last February. I never expected it would be able to handle speeds of 70+ mph and not have to be thrown away.
When I told Victor his wagon was at work with daddy he said, "I know." I hadn't even told him the story but there was no doubt in his young, creative, very determined mind that his wagon was safe and sound with his daddy.

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