Wagon Slide

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Wagon Slide
By: Daric A. |  Date:  Monday, March 24, 2014
"Being a military family, we are always on the move. One day in 2008, driving from North Dakota to California we stopped in Spokane and found the the Radio Flyer Slide at Riverfront Park. My first daughter, who was two, spent an hour going up and down the slide and kept walking back to the wagon every chance she got. There were performances going on, a carousel, live music, water play areas, but we stayed at the Radio Flyer and slid down the handle over and over again. We ended up there for hours. It was an easy, joyful and relaxing day that reminded me of my childhood. Now, there are faster ways to get places, but we have stopped in Spokane now three times while driving cross country just to let the kids play on that wagon and every time it's a hit. "

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