Way Back When

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Way Back When
By: Cecile N. |  Date:  Tuesday, August 5, 2014
"My first (and only) memory of Radio Flyer is when I was 7 or 8 years old and a German family friend of ours had a Radio Flyer wagon. At that tender age, I did not know that it was a Radio Flyer until I grew up. They had 3 daughters (Nina, Elena and Dana) and we used to play a lot. Growing up in Manila, Philippines, Radio Flyers are not common to see way back more or less 30 years ago. But that memory of a shiny red wagon, playing with foreign friends (whom we lost contact when they went back to Germany) is something that one will always remember. We'd run around in their house dragging one after another. It is a fond memory that I will never forget. Sometimes they would come visit us at home and sometimes I would go there for a play date, and can't wait to ride that red shiny wagon!

I've always wanted to have one, specially now that I have 2 wonderful boys, William, who'll be 3 years old in 2 months, and Brando, 7 years old. I've never bought them Radio Flyers as we can't find them here in South Africa. Having 1 or 2 Radio Flyers with my kids will surely be so much fun that I might just ride one myself! My husband and the kids made 2 home-made wagons, but we did not have the know-how of making one but the kids did had fun with them for like 2 weeks, it was great! Radio Flyer wannabe wagons. "

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