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Dear Friends,

As we celebrate our 103rd birthday, we continue to lay the groundwork for another 100 years in business creating innovative, timeless, quality products. I think my grandfather, Antonio Pasin, would be proud that we have continued to value craftsmanship, use quality materials, and build toys that last – literally – for generations. When my grandfather founded this company as a young immigrant, he knew that those values would be of enduring importance. He could not have predicted that building toys that encourage children to play outside and use their imaginations is even more important today than during his childhood.

We highlighted the role that Radio Flyer toys play in sparking creativity in the wonderful short film Taking Flight. I was honored to dedicate the Emmy Award the film received to my grandfather for teaching us that with persistence, imagination and love all dreams can take flight.

As proud as we are that our products create memories that last a lifetime, we know they are only a part of our business. To create a truly sustainable company, our operations, materials, business relationships and employee and community support must all meet the highest standards of environmental and social performance. We have a number of initiatives that are helping us close in on this ideal:  a newly renovated headquarters that achieved the LEED platinum designation for its sustainable design; a focus on reducing the greenhouse gas emissions in our facilities and our products themselves; a safer materials program with our suppliers; coming together as a team to build eight playgrounds; and employee engagement practices that have brought us numerous best place to work awards.

Building on our belief that Radio Flyer is a force of imagination and good in the world, we joined the United Nations Global Compact to support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to demonstrate leadership within the toy industry.  

I am deeply passionate about improving Radio Flyer’s sustainability performance and grateful to all the customers, partners and employees who help make this possible.

Keep On Rolling!

Robert Pasin, Chief Wagon Officer




We Build Products That Last

We build sturdy products that last generations. Then we provide FUNomenalTM service to customers seeking to restore well-loved products.

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Environmental PERFORMANCE

We Preserve the Outdoors
We design our products to minimize their environmental impact. We track and reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions, waste and other factors. Our new Platinum-level, LEED-certified headquarters mirrors our commitment to the outdoors. 

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Sustainable Materials

We Use Safe Materials

We ensure that our toys and the materials we use to create them are safe for kids and the environment. We do this by keeping harmful chemicals out of our products.  Furthermore, we incorporate recycled plastics and other low impact materials into our toys and packaging.

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We are a Force of Good

We foster community by building a great place to work, coming together to build urban playgrounds, partnering with responsible manufacturers and by supporting community-based organizations. 

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