Heavy Load

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Heavy Load
By: Ashley A. |  Setting: Florida  |  Date:  Tuesday, August 23, 2016
Our 2 year old son often hooks up his radio flyer wagon to the hitch of our truck because we back it in up to the carport. One night, my husband was just running out to the gas station a couple miles away and it was dark, so he hurried out and hopped in and left. When he got out at the gas station, something caught his eye and that's when he noticed, to his complete surprise, the wagon was hooked to the back of the truck with most everything still piled in it! He had drove about 40 mph through town. The wagon is about 30 years old and my father repainted it 8 years ago for our kids. We were extremely impressed that it traveled so well behind the truck and survived the unexpected test down the road. It made for lots of laughs for everyone who has viewed the photo!

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