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By: Jennifer R. |  Setting: New York  |  Date:  Monday, December 25, 1989
Must. Have. A. Radio. Flyer.
My daughter was not quite two years old when a little girl the same age moved in a few houses down in the Spring of 1989. She had a radio flyer with wood sides, big enough for both girls to sit in and have their toys with them as well. The two girls would share the flyer for walks in the neighborhood and play with it for hours. Then, in the early fall, the little girl moved away.... and took the radio flyer with her. My daughter was heart broken over losing her best friend AND the radio flyer. We decided that a wagon like the little girl's would make a good Christmas present! Where we lived, winter meant snow. For that Christmas Eve night, we got over a foot of snow. The snowplows did not come because of it being a holiday, so the sidewalks and roads were heavy with all that snow. The radio flyer was still in the box and this little girl could not believe a big wagon could be in that flat box. So at her insistence, without opening another present (for any of the children), we had to put the wagon together. And then put our snowsuits on and go out in all that snow around the block for its first official ride with the whole family. It was fun!!!

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