Loved Cargo

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Loved Cargo
By: Colin  B. |  Date:  Monday, March 17, 2014
As a child, I had a traditional steel Radio Flyer, but when I purchased one for my children, I chose the All-Terrain Cargo Wagon with inflatable tires. We have a large grass field behind our backyard with a small rocky hill on one side that I thought the wagon could handle well. It does and my children love riding in it.

This photo comes from a set from last spring when the first time my son, Nicholas, at 10 months old rode in the Radio Flyer. He is with his friend, Geneva, and they are in the backyard before riding out into the field. Since then, the wagon has been to a number of different areas like paths in the forest, at the surf line at the beach and out in the neighborhood in the snow. All of these outings have resulted in great, happy photos of the children and their friends and the bright red primary color of the Radio Flyer in the photos goes well with the primary colors of green and blue found outside. Much more importantly, we have recorded our children grow over time through the photos of them with the Radio Flyer.

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