Not ready to say bye to the trike.

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Not ready to say bye to the trike.
By: Juliana C. |  Setting: Tyngsboro  |  Date:  Thursday, July 23, 2015
I am not someone who is overly attached to things. I keep pictures but I do not keep mementos from my kids baby years. Since there won't be any more babies in our house, I donate or toss everything that my youngest outgrows. And I do that happily because we don't have much storage space. But for the first time I am having a hard time saying goodbye to an item.

Both my boys fell in love with the red Radioflyer Trike when they were about 1 year old - they are early riders. :) The trike was the first present that my oldest "picked" himself, as he sat on it at the store and would not get off it. He loved it and rode it until he got too big for it. Big brother was eager to take the trike off storage as soon as his baby brother started walking. In the beginning he was not even tall enough to pedal, but he insisted in "taking the trike" for a walk, so we would walk big brother to the bus stop every morning with baby brother just pushing the trike.

Soon enough baby brother started riding. Rain, shine or snow, he won't go a day without riding it. I have Instagram photos to prove #thisnicoisfast. :) He loves it even more than big brother did. But baby brother is not a baby anymore. He is outgrowing the trike and he is ready for a big boy bike.

I was surprised by how emotional I felt about it. The trike has been part of my everyday life for 6 years now. I have seen both my boys grow riding it. I am not ready to say goodbye yet. The other day I joked to my clutter hater husband that we should save it for the grandkids. He said that he could fix the worn out tire before we put it in the attic.

I guess the trike is staying.

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