Remembering When

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Remembering When
By: Diane A. |  Setting: Meriden, Ct  |  Date:  Tuesday, July 9, 1963
I sit back now and see how far Radio Flyer has come. If I remember correctly it was on my 5th birthday, back in 1963, my family was celebrating my special day. Of course it's a day that always keeps you awake the night before, anticipating what is to come. I always thought it would be the most special day in my life. Well this year it really was, I use to ask Santa for a special red wagon everytime I sat on his lap, but it never happened. To my surprise, and it truly was, on this day my dad walked around the side of the house with this brightest red wagon, and the biggest red bow my little eyes ever saw. I was so happy, it was to me a memory I would never forget.. I always thought, I must have done something really good to get this kind of gift for my birthday. There were five kids in our family, my mom stayed home and took care of the kids, while dad went to work everyday in a factory. I look back now, and realize what they had to give up to make one little girl the happiest girl on the block. I thank God everyday, for having the best mom & dad in the whole world. Now I do this for my kids, and my grand kids as often as I can. Thanks for giving me the chance to at least try to do the same for my 2 grand daughters.

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