Henry's Here!

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Henry's Here!
By: Maggie G. |  Date:  Wednesday, February 5, 2014
As a child, some 25 years ago, my Irish twin brother and I had our first Little Red Wagon, the red metal kind with the black metal handle. We put some miles on that classic toy, and have picture after picture of us over the years playing with our beloved wagon....up and down the driveway, along the sidewalks, to football tailgates, and round n' round the yard. Later, after our baby sister and baby brother came along, we shared our toy with them too. This past Christmas was a special one for my husband and me with the addition of our 8 month old Henry. Henry loves the outdoors, and asking Santa to leave a Radio Flyer wagon under the tree was exciting for us all! Henry loved discovering it on Christmas morning, as did we! Now these sunny days in the midst of winter have been made more fun with our daily walks in his first Little Red Wagon. I am thrilled that another generation of our family will enjoy this timeless classic for years and years.

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