The Year of the Radio Flyer

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The Year of the Radio Flyer
By: Julie D. |  Setting: Minneapolis  |  Date:  Thursday, December 31, 2015
We think of 2015 as the year of the Radio Flyer because it’s the year our daughter Tavi started sitting well enough that we could buy her one. We had just come home from an extended therapy trip and I can’t tell you how excited we were to see her core strength so much improved. Tavi, who will be turning 4 in February, has cerebral palsy, and although we celebrate even the smallest of milestones this obviously was a huge one. We live nearby a lake with a paved walking path and when the weather’s nice we take her out for a stroll in her little red wagon every day. She loves her newfound independence and we feel like our trips around the lake are the best “therapy” we do for her. We’ve seen a few other Flyers move into the ‘hood since we got ours, so we think we’ve started a trend ☺

This holiday card was actually our first ever. Since our daughter’s birth, we’ve just been too busy to do anything extra, but in the past year Tavi has made amazing progress, freeing us up to do some of these activities. We are a socially conscious family and while my husband and I were brainstorming ideas, the Paris climate change conference was in the news and our holiday card naturally turned into a little awareness campaign. I posted the card to my Facebook page and it's been a big hit among our friends. For me it symbolizes how far we’ve come in the past year as a family—I just love it.

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