Wagon University


If there’s one thing I can say about Radio Flyer’s proud heritage, it’s that we have always kept learning and changing. We would not be where we are today if it weren’t for our desire to keep discovering what’s next and our willingness to try new things, learn from our mistakes, and keep helping each other become better at everything we do.

Through Wagon U, we show our commitment to being a learning organization by providing learning opportunities for all Flyers. We leverage our strengths and focus on continuous improvement in order to drive innovation and help us achieve our vision. 

- Robert Pasin, CWO



To provide learning experiences and tools that help us achieve our Vision, Mission and Values and that build capability for all team members to advance their personal and professional journeys from good to GREAT. 


Wagon U New Flyer Series: This is a key part of our onboarding and assimilation program. We intentionally focus our core courses on connecting new Flyers with our brand, our culture, and we teach courses that provide a deeper understanding of our business. Flyers enjoy an inspiring learning environment and have opportunities to ask questions directly to our senior leadership team, who serve as the primary faculty.

Example of courses: Breakfast with the Chief Wagon Officer and Be a Team Player


Career Development & Training: All Flyers have a yearly personal development goal and all Flyers have the opportunity to drive their own career at Radio Flyer. We have a comprehensive career assessment mapping and development planning program in place. We also provide onsite topic specific training through Wagon U.


Leadership Development: We have a great manager development program and leadership development opportunities for new and experienced leaders. We combine internal classes with external experts to provide meaningful class experiences. In addition, we provide offsite opportunities with best-in-class leadership development programs.