5 Creative Ways to Use Your Wagon This Summer

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5 Creative Ways to Use Your Wagon This Summer

July 06, 2021
posted by Ali Randazzo


Did you know that your Radio Flyer can be used for more than just wagon rides? Repurpose your Radio Flyer wagon into one of many DIY at-home activity for toddlers this summer. Outdoor play, easy clean-up, and easily accessible equipment? Looks like your afternoon plans are made! Check out our list of 5 creative ways to use your wagon so the whole family can Get Out and Play® this summer.

  1. Water Table

Water tables are trending right now – with warmer temperatures and the ease set up, it’s no wonder why! We’re making it even simpler by recommending using a Classic Red Wagon or any steel wagon for your water table. The shallow depth allows for kids to easily reach and see all their toys. Bonus: add in a science lesson by explaining why some toys float and why others do not. Check out more on how to create the best DIY water table.


  1. Giant Sensory Bin

Level up sensory play for toddlers with your wagon. Simply add any materials you have on hand, like water beads, toys, shaving cream, rice, etc. Make sure the wagon is outdoors so you can easily discard the materials (or save them for next playtime) and hose out the steel or plastic wagon when playtime ends. Using a wagon ensures even the messiest of bins have a simple clean-up! This activity works best with a steel wagon. For a mini version, try one of our smaller models, like the Radio Flyer My 1st Wagon®.

  1. Summer Sandbox

Bring the beach to the backyard with a portable sandbox. Fill your wagon with sand and add a few toys, like sandbox molds, shovels, or even empty cans! Our Classic Red Wagon is great for two kids, while the My 1st 2-in-1 Wagon® has a deep plastic body perfect for independent explorers!


  1. Water Balloon Wagon

Older kids will love to level up a water balloon game with their Radio Flyer wagon. Wheel your plastic wagon near the hose while filling up the balloons for easy setup, then move it to the middle of the backyard when it’s time to play. Be sure to fill the wagon with water before adding your balloons to keep them intact and cold. Then, let the games begin! When the fun is done, simply dump out the water and air dry your wagon.


  1. Reading Nook

Switch up story time by reading in your Radio Flyer. Indoors or outdoors, our wagons make for a comfy reading nook. And, when the sun is shining a little too brightly, shade little ones in a canopy wagon for a cool, calming afternoon of reading. If you’re looking for a few new titles, check out our blog post with reading list essentials before your next trip to the local library.



These 5 ideas will have your kids enjoying time outdoors all summer long. There are many more ideas out there, like a pretend play “car wash” or adding a bubble machine or sprinkler in a wagon for portable play. Opportunities are endless for active play this summer in the backyard!

Let us know if you tried any of these activities or have a great way your family uses your Radio Flyer wagon in the summertime by tagging @RadioFlyerInc on social media.