5 Fall Sports Crafts & Activities for Kids

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5 Fall Sports Crafts & Activities for Kids

August 10, 2021
posted by Ali Randazzo

Continue the fun even after the buzzer with these 5 Fall Sports Crafts and Activities for Kids. Gear up for game time at home or on the sidelines with crafts and games perfect for your little All-Star.


     two kids in wood wagon with sports gear and pep signs


  1. Wagon Toss Game

This game not only teaches coordination, but it can be played anywhere from the living room to the backyard. Simply pull out your wagon, find something small that can be tossed like a bean bag or ball, take a few steps back, and try to toss the item into the wagon. You can also use the My 1st 2-in-1 Wagon® with Teddy Bear and practice tossing the bear into the wagon. Bigger kids can practice counting by keeping score. This game can be customized with fun rules, or you can use sidewalk chalk to create an arena for a super toss championship.


  1. Soccer Stamps

This activity combines sensory and imaginative play. You’ll need paint, paper, and items you can find around the house. Preschoolers will use common household items as stamps to recreate sports equipment. For example, to create a football stamp, simply bend an empty toilet paper roll into an oval shape then dip the end in brown paint and stamp onto paper. Or, cut a potato in half to create a circle stamp and dip in white paint to create the beginning of a soccer ball or baseball. Michele from Busy Hands and Minds recommends decorating your canvas first before stamping.


  1. DIY Pom-Poms

Siblings on the sideline will love cheering on their favorite players with homemade pom-poms. Kelly, from her blog Typically Simple, recommends cutting tissue paper in strips, roll the strips together to create a pom-pom then finally secure it with tape. This craft also works by substituting plastic table clothes for tissue paper. When it’s game time, transform your folding wagon in bench mode for a first-row seat at the big game. Pull out the pom-poms and get ready to cheer!


    4. Sideline Scavenger Hunt

Little fans will love bringing our free fall sports scavenger hunt with them to fall sports games to keep them busy from kick-off to the final whistle. First, print the free activity then pack crayons and the printable in your wagon storage pouches along with your game time equipment. Whether sibling fans are hunting for the scoreboard or referees or using the printable as a coloring page, pack this activity for added fun on the bleachers.


  1. Golf Ball Art

Preschoolers will love this sensory craft where they can use their imagination to make an epic masterpiece. You’ll need golf balls, a cardboard box, paper, and paint. Start by adding a piece of paper to the bottom of a cardboard box. Next, have little ones can add their favorite color paints directly on the paper and toss the golf balls into the box. Then the fun begins! Start shaking, rolling, or dancing around with the box to create a splatter paint effect.


Now that you’re in the sporting spirit, don’t forget this season’s MVP: a Radio Flyer wagon that can haul it all. If you try any of these sports crafts and activities for kids or bring your wagon to the next games, share your big wins with us by tagging @radioflyerinc on social media.