Danielle Rothman

Blog Contributor

Danielle Rothman

Expert Play Panelist & Clinical Psychologist


Danielle graduated from Cornell University in 2002 and received a law degree from Harvard Law School. She practiced law for several years before going on to earn a doctorate in clinical psychology from the George Washington University. She currently practices with Insight Into Action Therapy, located in Ashburn, Virginia. One of Danielle’s areas of specialization is providing play therapy to young children. She strongly believes in the healing power of play and is very excited to be part of Radio Flyer’s play panel. Danielle’s favorite play partners are her son and daughter. She, her husband, and their children can usually be found exploring the parks, playgrounds, art galleries, and hiking trails of their beautiful and historic hometown of Frederick, Maryland.


Favorite Family Activity:

We love taking walks around our town together; it is magical to experience the world through my children’s eyes, transforming alleys into “secret passages” and making the passing of every fire engine into a monumental event.


Favorite Outdoor Game as a Kid:

The most fun outdoor games were the imaginary worlds my brother and I would create in our own backyard – we would spend hours pretending our few trees were a huge forest. We also loved running through the sprinkler on warm days!


What Makes You Smile?

Snuggling with my children and watching them discover new things, pretty much everything my toddler says, recalling funny memories and quoting favorite movies with old friends, family vacations, my cats’ antics.


Favorite Way to Play:

Whether at work or at home, play is a huge part of my life and the best way to do it is to let the child lead the way and never be afraid to get a little messy – kids are the true play experts! I also love playing board games with my husband (especially anything with a mystery theme), escape rooms, and going to amusement parks, children’s museums, & other child-oriented outings.


Favorite Radio Flyer Product and Why:

Our favorite Radio Flyer product is definitely the Classic Tiny Trike – my son cannot get enough of his “bike” and rides it every day, both in and out of the house.