Introducing DJ Dance & Spin™

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Introducing DJ Dance & Spin™

October 22, 2020
posted by Chelsea Lavin

Get ready to move & groove with Radio Flyer’s newest toy, DJ Dance & Spin™! DJ Dance & Spin™ is the only battery powered car that breaks into a dance party.


With the press of the button, this all-in-one dance party car will twist, wiggle, shuffle, and dance to 5 original tunes for endless entertainment. Little ones ages 1½ to 4 years will love being the DJ to their very own battery powered dancing car.


Choose your groove by pressing any of the buttons on the steering wheel. The red button in the middle activates Dance Party mode – the car moves to 5 programmed dances, each with a different musical style: Country, Hip Hop, Rock, Salsa, and Pop. Kids can also spin, wiggle, and shuffle with the other buttons on the steering wheel. Steer freely using the green push-to-go button for fun driving adventures.


Equipped with LED lights on the body and steering wheel, DJ Dance & Spin™ is the ultimate dancing car for kids & sure to become a family favorite! Powered by a 6V battery, this ride-on can travel up to 2 miles per hour. To charge the car, simply plug in the charger in the rear charge port – battery and charger included.


Ready to get your dance party started? Shop DJ Dance & Spin™ on today!