Let Your Imagination Take Flight

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Let Your Imagination Take Flight

October 24, 2012
posted by Kim Lefko

Ninety-five years ago, our founder had a dream that a kid’s imagination would ‘take flight’ with a simple red wagon.  It’s such a great sentiment that has stood the test of time – and a desire we all share for our children. 

It’s neat to work for a company with so much heart.  I have the coolest job, leading sales & marketing for a TOY company.  Combine that with the 95 years of love, memories and smiles behind this brand … and it becomes overwhelmingly awesome.   

I get inspired every day by our founder and how he used his imagination to ‘take flight.’  Hung on the wall in front of my desk is a photo from the 1933 World’s Fair Century of Progress on Chicago’s Navy Pier, when Antonio Pasin made the BOLDEST marketing move of his life and risked everything.   With more nerve than capital he built a 45-foot statue of a boy riding in a wagon. Beneath this exhibit was a store where miniature wagons were sold for $0.25 each to cover the cost of construction.  After that moment in time, Radio Flyer became known around the world.  Simple & brilliant.     

On our 80th Birthday our CEO Robert Pasin dreamed big too.  He honored our heritage and his grandfather by building the World’s Largest Wagon (WLW).  The WLW is taller than a two story building, weighs as much as about 375 kindergartners—and can hold approximately 75 of them.   I view this testament to imagination from my office window every day, from its home in front of our Chicago headquarters.

I’m inspired by the leaders of this LOVED and iconic brand who have dared to dream big.  And I’m honored to share our story with families around the world, such as:

  • those memory making moms & dads, who put greater value on experiences rather than stuff;
  • the active & engaged families who carve out time to jump in a pile of leaves, go for a family bike ride, get grass stains with their kids;
  • the grandparents who so badly want to give their grandchildren the classic childhood they remember;
  • and anyone who shares the same desire as our founder to grant every child the freedom and opportunity to let their imagination take flight.