Printable Game for Grandparents & Grandkids

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Printable Game for Grandparents & Grandkids

April 27, 2020
posted by Mindy Stumpf

With stay at home orders still in place across the country, we’re all missing our friends and family members that we haven’t been able to see. It’s hard to be away from our loved ones, and we know grandparents especially are missing their grandkids. Luckily, we can still be together even when we are apart thanks to the wonders of technology. To help grandparents and grandkids spend quality time together over phone or video chat while #PlayingAtHome, we’ve created a printable game for grandparents and grandkids.

Grandparents, how well does your grandchild know you? With this question game, they are sure to learn a lot about you, and you’ll have the chance to share some of your favorite memories with them. Simply fill out the questions with your answers and see if your grandchild’s answer matches. Parents, you can print out the grandchild version of the game for your child and have them fill out the answers with their grandparent in mind. They can even fill in the blanks with their special name for their grandparent – Grandma, Papa, Maw Maw, Nonno, etc. If they don’t know the answer to a question, it’s okay to make a best guess!


All that’s left to do is set up a time to chat and share your answers! What will you learn about each other? What stories & memories will be shared? We would love to hear about them – just use #radioflyer!