4 Printable Cards for Kids

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4 Printable Cards for Kids

May 21, 2020
posted by Mindy Stumpf

One of life’s little joys is receiving a handwritten letter in the mail. That moment of seeing your name on an envelope with excited eyes, asking “For me?!”, and having an eager smile emerge across your face is heartwarming no matter how old you are. To help spread smiles, connect friends and relatives, and inspire families with #PlayingAtHome ideas, we have created 4 printable cards for kids.

Our assortment of printable cards is perfect for surprise notes to loved ones, friends, neighbors, workers, and more. Kids can tell their friends or relatives “I Like How You Roll” with  our punny card or ask them “How’s it Hanging?” with a note on our stationary sheet. Plus, we made an extra special card for grandparents. Little ones can also thank someone special in their life – a relative, a delivery truck driver, a grocery store employee, a nurse or doctor, a teacher to name a few ideas! – with our sweet thank you card. A simple heartfelt note can go a long way!

These cards are perfect for coloring, drawing, and writing special notes. Kids will have a blast customizing them for the people in their lives. You can send cards in the mail, drop them off in mailboxes, or save them for a special occasion. They are sure to bring smiles to the sender and recipient!


What friend or family member are you sending a card to? Who are you saying thank you too? Let us know by using #radioflyer!