7 Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers of 2021

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7 Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers of 2021

April 08, 2021
posted by Chelsea Lavin

Chirping birds, budding flowers, and warming weather are all surefire signs that spring is here! There’s no better time than spring to Get Out and Play® in the backyard.


Looking to add some new toys to your backyard lineup? We’ve got you covered. Check out our list of the 7 best backyard toys for toddlers of 2021. From classic favorites to new & exciting outdoor options, your little ones will be ready to play all day with these fun toys.


1. Best Gift for the Ultimate Backyard – Backyard Bouncer

        Backyard Bouncer bounce house with slide


Meet your family’s new backyard essential. The Backyard Bouncer provides endless entertainment and encourages active imaginative play for up to 3 kids, ages 3-8 years old. Toddlers and big kids alike will love jumping around on the large 78” by 78” play area and zipping down the extra-wide slide – it’s like having a birthday party in your backyard year-round!

The Backyard Bouncer is designed with both safety and convenience in mind. High mesh safety walls keep kids safe inside the inflatable bouncer while they jump & play, and the play area features durable material that is long-lasting with an extra grippy surface to prevent slipping. A rear door ensures easy entry & exit.

This bounce house also comes fully equipped with 8 anchors, 4 blower stakes, a carrying bag, repair kit, and air blower. It inflates and deflates within minutes! When not in use, simply roll up the deflated bounce house and use the carrying bag for easy transport & compact storage. Learn more about the Backyard Bouncer and explore our other bouncers.  


2. Best Battery-Operated Car for Backyard Adventures – Riptide


Little drivers will feel like they’re cruising down the coastline with the Radio Flyer Riptide. This 12V electric ride-on car can seat 2 kids and is perfect for toddlers ages 3 years and older. Kids will enjoy the cool styling and realistic car features. Just like a real car, this the Riptide features functioning doors for easy entry, a foot pedal, working headlights, and a working steering wheel. The FM radio, AUX input, and rear storage of this red 2-seater ensures that your children’s favorite tunes and toys can join every backyard adventure.

The Riptide features two speed settings, 2.5 and 5 MPH, and single speed reverse, making it the perfect electric ride-on car for beginner drivers. The large tires are perfect for backyard play with easy transitions from concrete to grass. Learn more about the Riptide and compare our other top electric ride-on cars.  


3. Best Multi-Use Wagon for the Backyard – All-Terrain Cargo Wagon


Perfect for toddlers AND perfect for parents? The All-Terrain Cargo Wagon is a winner for the whole family. This red wagon delivers the classic fun of a Radio Flyer, encouraging active imaginative play for toddlers, but the design of the wagon also delivers multiple around-the-yard uses for parents.


Whether you’re working in the garden, painting the fence, or starting a new landscaping project, haul all of your materials with this versatile wagon. The rubber air tires ensure a smooth ride and durability on all terrains, and you can even remove the sides of the wagon for a flatbed hauling option. 


4. Best Backyard Wagon for Young Walkers – My 1st 2-in-1 Wagon®


Turn every trip to the garden into an adventure with the My 1st 2-In-1 Wagon®. The locking handle and stable 4 wheel base allow the wagon to be used as a walker for young children. You can also unlock the folding handle to use this toy as a traditional pull wagon. Kids will love exploring the yard with their very own wagon. They can bring their favorite toys along for the ride or collect treasures as they go. 


When not in use, this deep-sided wagon doubles as a perfect utility toy box for your child. The cute, lightweight container easily corrals jump ropes, chalk, bubbles, and other outdoor play essentials. Learn more about the My First 2-in-1 Wagon and compare our other top wagons for toddlers


5. Best Truck for Toddlers – Tinker Truck™


Bring imagination to the backyard with your favorite new toy truck, The Tinker Truck™. Your toddler can practice important gross motor skills of walking & scooting with this adorable car, or they can sit & play in the grass or on the patio with one of the 18 different interactive activities to develop fine motor skills. From interlocking gears and sliding beads to clicking dials and folding mirrors, the Tinker Truck™ provides endless engagement that your child is sure to love. Learn more about the Tinker Truck and explore our other top toys for toddlers independent play


6. Best First Bike for Backyard Fun – Air Ride Balance Bike


The Air Ride Balance Bike is the perfect first bike and an ideal learning tool for the littlest riders. It helps to seamlessly transition toddlers beginning as young as 18 months from a push bike to a pedal bicycle by focusing on key gross motor skills such as balance, motion, and coordination. Plus, the adjustable comfort seat grows with your child, making it a perfect fit whether your child is 2 years old or 5 years old!

Rubber 12" air tires hug terrains like concrete or brick on your patio for smooth backyard riding. The whitewall tires and fun ringing bell add to the classic design of this outside toy for toddlers. Learn more about the Air Ride Balance Bike and answer your balance bike questions with our balance bike FAQ 


7. Best Beginner Scooter for Patio Riding – My 1st Scooter® Sport


If your child is learning to scoot, look no further than the My 1st Scooter® Sport. The scooter is designed with beginner riders in mind to help develop gross motor skills like balance and coordination. The extra wide base, 2 front wheel design, and turning radius provide stability and support to learning riders ages 2 to 5 years old.

Your little one will love zooming up and down the sidewalks with their new favorite ride, but you can also enjoy the scooting fun in the backyard in your patio area! Learn more about the My 1st Scooter Sport and explore our other toddler scooters


What are your family’s favorite backyard toys? Be sure to share your outdoor toy adventures with us using #RadioFlyer or tagging @radioflyerinc on social media!