Enjoy Structured Playtime with Camp Radio Flyer

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Enjoy Structured Playtime with Camp Radio Flyer

July 23, 2020
posted by Kate Fahrenbach

Although many summer camps are not in session this year, there is no reason to abandon Summer Playtime!

Play is how children learn to engage and interact in the world around them. Through the power of play, children develop language, emotional well-being, creativity and valuable social skills. When we take play outdoors, we see even more benefits. Children learn about the environment, how to use whole body movement, exercise in fresh air, and experience multisensory learning through nature. There is so much joy in the freedom to run, jump and climb outside.

Providing children with a range of structured play activities is the best way to help them learn and grow through the long, hot, wonderful summer. Through Camp Radio Flyer, we are excited to help set the stage for activities that will nurture imagination and a sense of adventure. Have a blast trying out some of our games and activities. Camp is in session starting next Monday, July 27 and runs through Friday, July 31. We’re thrilled to have you join us for these 5 themed camp days:

  • Monday, July 27 – Nature Day
  • Tuesday, July 28 – Spirit Day
  • Wednesday, July 29 – Water Day
  • Thursday, July 30 – Imagination Day
  • Friday, July 31 – Campout Day

From crafts like a handprint campfire to activities like a nature scavenger hunt, Camp Radio Flyer will have engaging & structured summer entertainment that the whole family will love. We’re excited for families to join in the fun. And don’t forget to follow @radioflyerinc on Instagram for all the latest Camp Radio Flyer updates.

We wish you a playful summer full of smiles, laughter and plenty of silliness. See you at Camp Radio Flyer next week!