The Importance of Imaginative Play

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The Importance of Imaginative Play

February 12, 2019
posted by Mindy Stumpf

Do you remember playing as a little kid and using your imagination to create a castle in your backyard? How about when you took a blanket and turned it into your very own Superhero cape? For over 100 years, Radio Flyer has inspired imaginative play and unforgettable adventures. Children around the world have used their imagination to go on a safari trip or blast off into space in their wagon.


Imaginative play provides many benefits for kids as they learn and grow, but what is imaginative play and how can you encourage your child to let their imagination take flight?


What is imaginative play?

Imaginative play is any type of play where a child is creating the world around them by using their imagination. Sometimes this involves creating imaginative friends and acting out stories with multiple characters and perspectives. Often times, it can be enhanced when other children or family members join in.


Why is imaginative play important?

In order to learn and grow, it is essential that children are given the freedom to use their imagination. Studies show that encouraging imaginative play increases language, cognitive, social and emotional skills. Through imaginative play, children learn to navigate the world in their own way.


How can I encourage imaginative play?

When parents actively participate in imaginative play it can boost children’s confidence and create a memorable bonding experience. Creating time for imaginative play in your child’s day and providing toys and everyday objects are fun ways to encourage imaginative play.

Everyday objects can be the best tools for creating imaginative play. An old phone could become your child’s office phone, a whisk could be a microphone, a wagon could become a rocket ship or a sailboat - the options are endless! Trips to the zoo, the park or even the grocery store can fuel adventures and let imaginations take flight. While social distancing measures are in place, you can find inspiration right at home, from daily tasks like cooking dinner or cleaning up to creativity starters like dressing uo ir building a fort.


Imaginative play can happen every day and anywhere. Where will your imagination take you? To kickstart your brainstorming, join us in our #PledgeToPlay. Together, we will commit to making 2020 a year filled with more joy, more freedom, more adventure, more fun...and more imagination of course! As you and your family think creative ways to play, be sure to share your imaginative adventures with us by using #radioflyer.