Radio Flyer Travel Agency Sparks Imaginary Wonder

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Radio Flyer Travel Agency Sparks Imaginary Wonder

October 17, 2017
posted by Chelsea Lavin

Children dream big. Radio Flyer champions that, so we’re always looking for ways to inspire imaginative play and far-flung adventures. With that in mind, we hosted our first-ever travel agency pop-up on March 18. The fun-filled gathering let kids plan their dream journey — and travel there on their favorite Radio Flyer vehicle, be it a tricycle, little red wagon or ride-on toy.

First, young ones met with a travel agent, who took their preferences into account. Before wishing young clients bon voyage, agents made sure children were comfortable with unicorn kisses. They asked if fire-breathing dragons were A-OK. Agents even revealed imaginary tricks our wagons can do.

As children’s eyes filled with wonder, they selected from 10 whimsical destinations: Cotton Candy Swamp, Flipping Pancake Island, Planet of Evil Unicorns, Salty Seahorse Rodeo Ranch, Mount Puppy, Dragon’s Butt Kingdom, Stinky Broccoli Forest, the Valley of Ogres, Octopus Shiny Treasure Bay and Ninja Moose Canyon.

Upon making their selection, kids tested out various modes of transportation, ultimately settling on their favorite one. Upon arrival at their destination, kids got their passports stamped and took pictured at their dream locales.

To commemorate the laughter-filled day, each child received a goodie bag filled with a destination t-shirt, poster and postcards they could send to friends and family. We also handed out travel essentials, such as Dragon Drool Defense (a.k.a. sunscreen), Monster Repellent (bug spray) and Beast Barf Blaster (hand sanitizer).

To make a special day even more memorable, we gave away Miniature Classic Wagons and cotton candy treats. It was a Radio Flyer event no one would soon forget. Turns out, we had just as much fun setting the wheels in motion!