How to be an Active Family

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How to be an Active Family

February 21, 2020
posted by Mindy Schanzle

Between carpools, naptime and running to the store – again – it may feel tough to squeeze intentional physical activity into your family’s routine. Physical activity is proven to increase your energy and boost your mood, among other benefits. Adding a little play into your day will help keep your family happy and healthy. Here are 4 tips to help families stay active – and have fun while doing it.


1. Just Get Movin’!

Kids naturally want to be active, so take advantage of their constant need to move! Take a cue from your littles and start moving when they do. While they’re running circles around the living room, run around the room with them. Turn on some music and dance. Turn it into a game and make up the rules as you go. Being silly and going with the flow is part of the fun (and will probably provide some laughs too). Kids will love the active play time with mom or dad, and you will get your heart rate up.  


2. Head Outside

The great outdoors is truly an endless playground. Work on finding that one activity (or many) that gets the whole family excited about being outside. It can be as simple as shooting hoops in the driveway, playing tag in the backyard, or taking a walk around the neighborhood or park with your outdoor adventure companions (your family and your trusty wagon!). Older kids may enjoy even bigger adventures – a family hike, a beach day, or biking to the local ice cream shop for a sweet treat.


3. Or Bring the Outside in!

Who doesn’t love an indoor maze or a scavenger hunt that spans the whole house? Think about some of your favorite outdoor activities and adapt them for the indoors. Kids will love playing “the great indoors” and putting their creative thinking caps on with you to come up with cool ideas. If you’d rather not tear apart the living room, look around your city for spaces that bring the outdoors in. Rock climbing walls or indoor roller rinks are just a couple examples of fun “outside” activities that are just as fun inside. Just because you’re inside doesn’t mean you can’t get your steps in!


4. Find your Tribe

Are there other neighborhood for families looking for ways to get active? You may just find a few new play pals! Getting to know parents in the neighborhood with similar goals can be a great way to connect and share ideas. If your kids are little, try looking for Mommy and Me or Daddy and Me classes that incorporate your kids into your workout. Wearing your baby while doing squats is no joke – and it’s super fun to see their smiling face while you work out. Plus, any of the suggested outdoor or indoor activities can be even more fun with more friends.


How does your family stay active together? Let us know in the comments and tag #RadioFlyer in your active family posts on social media.