How To Make a Wagon Succulent Planter

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How To Make a Wagon Succulent Planter

May 17, 2019
posted by Mindy Stumpf

We love hearing about all the inspiring ways you use our wagons, whether it’s for imaginative play or for gardening with kids! All the warm weather we’ve been experiencing inspired us to share a DIY decorative wagon planter that’s trendy and a fun way to garden with little ones. It’s a family-friendly craft project everyone can enjoy!


It all starts with our Little Red Toy Wagon. From there, you will need a few additional items to make your own red wagon planter. This DIY project is a fun, easy way to create memories with your family, and to spruce up any living space!



  • Radio Flyer Little Red Toy Wagon
  • Gardening gloves
  • Electric drill (we used a 1/2-inch drill bit)
  • Small, decorative vase rocks
  • Succulents in a variety of sizes and styles
  • Cactus potting soil
  • Water or ice cubes


DIY Wagon Planter Instructions

  1. Start by drilling a few holes in the wagon to allow for drainage. (Note: This step is for adults only. Ensure this portion is complete before inviting your little ones to join the fun!)
  2. Fill your Little Red Toy Wagon with cactus potting soil. This succulent-friendly mix ensures a healthy life for your plants, since they don’t like wet roots. If you opt to mix your own soil, incorporate sand to make it more porous. (Note: this is also why you need drainage holes in your wagon!)
  3. Using gardening gloves, plant a mix of succulents with different colors and textures. You can use as many succulents as you’d like. Any remaining gaps can later be filled with soil or decorative rocks for added style.
  4. Fill in any gaps with additional soil until the soil level is the same depth as the plants.
  5. Finish the planter with decorative rocks or gravel.
  6. Lightly water or use ice cubes. If you use a watering can, we suggest using one with a narrow spout. This will allow you to direct the stream of water into the soil instead of on the foliage. Succulents’ root systems do a great job of providing moisture for the plants, so be careful not to overwater!


Once you’ve finished planting your succulent wagon, place it in a sunny location. Succulents like a lot of sunshine (at least six hours a day). Let the plants’ roots dry out a few days before watering again. Most succulents need little fertilizer. At most, use a once monthly balanced fertilizer when watering your planter. When plant leaves wilt and die — this is normal and happens with all plants — simply remove them to make room for future growth.


Watch our video for a visual how-to and check out our other ideas for gardening with your wagon. Don't forget to share your succulent planter (or other fun DIY Radio Flyer projects) with us on Instagram using the hashtag #radioflyer.