Introducing New Accessories for Our Foldable Build-A-Wagon

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Introducing New Accessories for Our Foldable Build-A-Wagon

August 20, 2019
posted by Chelsea Lavin

The Radio Flyer Foldable Build-A-Wagon is already a family favorite for its versatility, storage capacity, and smooth rides. The 3 riding modes – two rider seating, bench, and flatbed hauling – make it the ultimate on-the-go wagon. What if you could customize your folding wagon to make it an even better fit for your family’s unique needs?

Now you can! We are excited to announce three new accessories for the Ultimate Folding Build-A-Wagon: storage with the bag or cooler caddy, and all-terrain air tires.


Storage Bag

The canvas storage bag holds up to an additional 20 lbs., giving your family more space to bring along all of your essentials to any outing. The bag fits perfectly on the end of the wagon and stays securely in place. Easily remove the bag from your wagon with the sturdy handles. When the wagon is not in use, it doubles as a cover, perfect for keeping your folding wagon compactly tucked away.


Cooler Caddy

After conducting thorough research, listening to consumer feedback, and seeing one too many overstuffed wagons, we designed the cooler caddy to be your perfect storage solution – and it is already a fan favorite! From little league games to family picnics, it is the perfect storage option for on-the-go families that need some extra space. Load your cooler, folding chairs, and other essentials onto the caddy, leaving more space for children to ride in the wagon. It holds up to 50 lbs. so you can rest assured nothing will be left behind.


All-Terrain Air Tires

While we can’t always assure a smooth morning getting out the door to your next family adventure, we can assure a smooth ride once you get rolling. The all-terrain tires roll smoothly on any terrain – even at the beach! Designed for smooth rides on rough, uneven surfaces, these tires will keep your family comfortable and happy all adventure long.



Head to today to purchase your Folding Build-A-Wagon with these exciting new accessory options. We can’t wait to see how you customize your family’s wagon!