Wedding Day Ideas: Ten Tips to Add Radio Flyer Style

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Wedding Day Ideas: Ten Tips to Add Radio Flyer Style

February 16, 2014
posted by Tracy Baldwin

Wedding planning can be fun – it’s your chance to proclaim your love for another human being in a way that is uniquely you.  We are proud to have been a part of many wedding celebrations through the years as a vehicle that transports people to some of their best memories. 

Radio Flyer represents quality that lasts – just like true love!  Whether your wedding style is chic or rustic, Radio Flyer wagons have added a special touch to this memorable milestone for many.  Here are just a few of our favorite, creative ways Radio Flyer wagons have been part of this very special day:

Ringbearer/Flower Girl Transport:  You can dress up the wagon for a fancier wedding, or go more rustic for an outdoor wedding.  Or if you know someone who is especially handy, why not remake a wagon for a flower girl who is pretty in pink?
Wedding Party Trolley:   There is nothing like a cool set of wheels to cruise around town in on your wedding day. 

Winter Wedding Centerpiece:  Find an old wagon and convert into a magical centerpiece for a winter celebration.

Beverage Caddy:  Nothing beats a cold drink on a hot day.  Use a Radio Flyer red wagon and flavored sodas to add some color to your day—or even match your color scheme.

Wedding Favors:   Help guests plant their own seeds of love by giving flower seeds as a wedding favor, elegantly displayed in an old red wagon.  We especially liked this simple, but elegant sunflower-themed wedding. Can you spot the wagon?

Gift Wagon:  If you are thinking of a rustic wedding and live in a rural area, why not secure a pioneer-type wagon to hold wedding gifts?  Add a string of lights like the one at this beautiful outdoor farm wedding. A mini wagon, like the one pictured here, can be used to gather cards from well-wishers.

Light Up a Room:  Why not use a wagon or two, and fill with mason jars holding votive candles that cast a warm glow on the celebration?  Keep the theme of mason jars and add this cozy cool mason jar chandelier.

Luggage Carrier:  We aren’t sure if this couple was pulling a wagon to their honeymoon, or just wanted to tell the world the good news!  Either way, it is a cute, homemade touch to a very personal and creative wedding.

Getaway Car:  Dozens of people have created their own Radio Flyer wagon cars.  This is a sweet one from Clinton, Illinois. 

Bride vs. Groom:  And for those with a competitive spirit, what about a friendly race between the bride and groom on Radio Flyer wagons?

Which one inspires you?    You can also share how Radio Flyer was part of your special day by submitting your story to our Little Red StoriesTM contest.  You could win $10,000!