3 Best Push Toys to Help Baby Walk

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3 Best Push Toys to Help Baby Walk

February 21, 2019

First steps are an iconic part of child development. Watching my sons start to pull-up and stand, then cruise around the couch, then toddle from ottoman to play table was exciting and pretty hectic – especially with two adventurous and accident-prone babies headed in different directions! It was all worth it, though, when I saw two proud smiles once they mastered their first steps. Here are my three favorite baby walking toys for helping kids learn to walk.



1. Classic Walker Wagon

I have two favorite toys that helped my kids learn to walk. The Classic Walker Wagon has a sturdy design that provides stability and control so new walkers can stay upright and learn with confidence.

This solid wooden walking toy is HEAVY. The overall weight and “resist push” feature are wonderful for beginner walkers. Little ones can safely explore but can’t get out of control — a relief because once they get moving there is no slowing down!

My only challenge with this toy is monitoring battles between my twins because both want to play with it ALL THE TIME. Bonus benefit: the gorgeous design upgrades my living room AND stores toys. Any item that corrals kid clutter while looking good is absolutely a worthwhile investment.



2. Busy Buggy

Learning to walk is a big task, but it is only one part of toddler development. It helps to search for a toy that will build confidence and skills in other areas too – especially if you are short on space or looking to Marie Kondo your toys.

The Busy Buggy™ is the perfect learn-to-walk activity walker that packs multiple development aids into one product. Even before your child is walking, he or she will stay busy for hours with the 17 interactive sensory activities. The activities vary in difficulty which keeps kids engaged over time. I tested this with my boys months ago: they LOVED the gears and sliding beads. Now they are fascinated with the clicking wheel – a feature they didn’t notice before. In their eyes, it is essentially a new toy!

This cute car also operates as both a push walker and a ride-on. Toddlers first gain confidence standing and walking, then can learn to sit and scoot. This one baby push toy provides so much development support with the interactive activities for fine motor skills and the push/ride options for gross motor skills – I love having that all in one super cute kid’s car!



3. My 1st 2-in-1 Wagon

The My 1st 2-in-1 Wagon is also a great multi-use option. It works as both a push walker and as a traditional toy wagon with a pull handle. The transformation back and forth between modes is incredibly simple: you just twist a little knob and it is ready to go. You don’t even need tools, and there are no extra pieces to store.

You can start in walker mode. The wide, sturdy base helps your little one develop balance and control. Once your toddler is steady on their feet, he or she can tote their treasures all over the house!

This learn-to-walk toy is great if you have multiple play spaces. Because of the lightweight design, you can easily bring it from room to room, or even house to house. We went on vacation right as my boys were learning to walk, and this was the perfect walking toy option for travel to a rental house.


When did your little ones start walking? What toys, teaching tools or activities helped you during that stage?