3 Classic Fall Family Activities to Enjoy At Home

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3 Classic Fall Family Activities to Enjoy At Home

September 09, 2020
posted by Mindy Stumpf


With each passing September day, the temperatures are getting a little cooler and the leaves are getting a lot more colorful – telltale signs that fall is here! Even though this cozy season might look a little different this year, you and your family can still enjoy classic fall activities right at home. Whether you’re looking for a fun fall way to #RecessAtHome or are just in need of a little autumn cheer, these 3 favorites will have your family falling for fall.



1. Backyard Pumpkin Patch: Nothing says fall like picking pumpkins. But did you know you can build your own pumpkin patch right at home? Parents or grandparents can pick up some pumpkins from the store to get the DIY patch going. The more shapes and sizes the better! Arrange them in the backyard, on the deck, or in the driveway – you can add hay or other fall décor for the full effect. Kids can then use their classic red wagon to pick as they please. Once they have their favorites selected, try one of these bonus activities to keep the fun going:

  • Carve or decorate your new orange friend
  • Create a board out of tape or rope and play Tic-Tac-Toe with pumpkins as the markers
  • Test out this tasty pumpkin seed recipe



2. Have an Unbe-LEAF-able Time: One of the best parts of fall is admiring the shades of fiery red, lively orange, and mellow yellow that speckle the treetops. Whether you marvel in the colors in your very own yard or head out on an explorative adventure around the neighborhood, taking in the fall scenes is an activity on its own. You and your little ones can also get more hands on with any of these perfect-for-recess activities:

  • Use your wheelbarrow to help you make a huge leaf pile
  • Turn your leaf pile into a maze and ride your tricycle through it
  • Collect some favorite leaves on a walk, break out the crayons, and create some leaf rubbing art



3. Bonfire Bonanza: Cozy sweatshirts & blankets, a bag of fluffy marshmallows, and the warm feeling of being surrounded by your loved ones – these are some of the essential ingredients of a fall bonfire! Kids will love having the atmosphere of something new and exciting right in their own backyard. If you don’t have a firepit, you and your little ones can still work together to create a fun fall camp-out. Check out a couple of ideas to enhance your bonfire:

  • Make some s’mores – you can go classic or throw in a secret ingredient and have a s’more making contest that big kids will love
  • Print out these conversation starters for family fireside memories
  • Pitch a tent and camp-out – kids can get started on their backyard campsite during recess and enjoy their outdoor oasis when the fire gets going in the crisp fall evening


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