3 Ways to Celebrate National Arbor Day

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3 Ways to Celebrate National Arbor Day

April 24, 2018
posted by Mindy Stumpf

Observed annually in April, National Arbor Day is about honoring, caring for and planting trees. Trees are an important part of our ecosystem as they prevent topsoil from erosion, provide homes for wildlife, and release oxygen for us to breathe.


At Radio Flyer, we look for ways to preserve the outside for the next generations of wagon riders. That is why we collaborated with The Arbor Day Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps make greener communities by planting trees all across the country in neighborhoods, towns, and forests. Through this partnership, we are donating money to plant a tree in the United States for every product purchased on radioflyer.com. Helping to make our world a better place, we have already planted over 165,000 trees since the program began in 2013. So on National Arbor Day, April 27, join us in paying homage with a bit of outdoor fun.


1. Garden with the Kid’s Wheelbarrow

Do you like to garden? It is the perfect time to plant a tree with the help of our real-deal, kid-sized wheelbarrow. It is fun the whole family can enjoy! Plus, it makes toting around dirt and tools a cinch.


2. Make a DIY planter using the Little Red Toy Wagon

A small version of our original, our Little Red Toy Wagon features a working handle and wheels. It also features a seamless steel body that — while perfect for transporting stuffed animals — is an ideal vessel for plants. We cannot think of a better excuse to dig in the mud! Just add soil, seeds, and water, and your watch tree (or plants) grow.


3. Zip to the Park with a custom Build-A-Scooter

Even if planting a tree is not in the cards, you can still observe nature during a scoot to the park, thanks to our Build-A-Scooter. Available in over 250 configurations, you can customize by color, graphic style and accessories to suit young ones’ tastes.


Join us in preserving and celebrating the great outdoors!