The Ultimate Grandparent Gift

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The Ultimate Grandparent Gift

December 24, 2018

Thank goodness for grandparents. I always thought the saying “It takes a village to raise a child” was a nice proverb. Then I had twins and discovered it is a CRITICAL life lesson. Without all four grandparents, I don’t know how our family would have made it these past 15 months. I am especially grateful for how they have turned their homes into baby friendly destinations. We can easily visit because they have cribs, bottles, diapers, toys—every essential. All I have to pack up is the toddlers (somehow still a challenge!).


As my boys grow from babies to little kids, the grandparent gear focus is shifting from functional to fun. Initially, it was all about what we, the parents, needed. Now the goal is giant smiles from my boys. I love to see the bond deepen between my kids and my parents, so I can easily relax as they get toys and treats that are outlawed at home. Plus, if my parents are cool with something maybe that is a sign I should relax about it ;)


I am excited for our next visit tomorrow because it is our turn to bring the fun. We are giving my parents two shiny red Build-A-Trikes for Christmas. I can’t wait to sneak these perfect gifts under the tree. Of course we could have chosen an umbrella stroller, but this is WAY more fun. My toddlers LOVE hopping in a Stroll 'N Trike every chance they get, so my parents will like to have the exciting ride at their house. Plus, since the accessories easily remove, over time the trikes will adapt perfectly to my kids’ – and their future cousins’ – ages and stages.


The customization options are critical. My parents live near a lake with a gravel path, so I knew air tires were a good upgrade. I also made sure to add the safety elements, like the baby hoop, UV protection canopy, and 3 point harness since my guys are still small. And of course I chose the storage elements – my mom definitely needs somewhere for all her things, and my boys will want to cart their treasures to the park.


A HUGE (and totally unexpected) benefit of having kids is watching MY parents as grandparents. When my boys run crying after my mom when she leaves or spend hours content in my dad’s arms, I almost melt with warm fuzzy joy. I am thrilled to have a gift this Christmas to say thank you for all the help with our young family AND reinforce the bond between grandkids and grandparents.


You can build a trike to bring smiles and warm memories for your family here.