Garden Ideas: Ten Ways to Use a Red Wagon for Inspiration

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Garden Ideas: Ten Ways to Use a Red Wagon for Inspiration

April 04, 2014
posted by Tracy Baldwin

  • Try planting bulbs for a Spring surprise!
  • Enlist little helpers!
  • A red wagon adds a touch of nostalgia to a cottage garden.
  • Let your imagination take flight with a fairy garden.

It’s springtime, at least according to the calendar.  As you plan for your garden this year, consider how you can use your Radio Flyer wagon … new or old!

Enlist a trusty helper:  The founder of Radio Flyer, Antonio Pasin, built wagons to transport his tools around his workshop.  When people were more interested in the wagons than the wood cabinets he was crafting, he knew he was on to something!  Wagons are also handy in the garden, for toting everything from garden tools to dirt and plants ...even little helpers.  (Radio Flyer wheelbarrows for kids are handy in the garden too!)

Create a magical world: Fairy Gardens seem to have taken off in popularity the last few years.  Make your fairy garden mobile in an old wagon.  Or try a DIY miniature fairy garden.  Magical!

Try bulbs for a Spring surprise:   Not sure where to plant those bulbs sitting in the shed or garage?  Bring new life to an old wagon with a burst of color in the Spring.

Gather geraniums for a bold red statement:  What looks prettier than red geraniums in a red wagon?  It’s a bright way to celebrate summer!

For the forgetful gardener:  If you are looking for a low maintenance garden that doesn’t take a lot of watering, try experimenting with succulents.

Create a centerpiece for a cottage garden:  Looking for a surprise element in your cottage garden that will add a bit of fun?  See how this gardener added a red wagon to her lovely cottage garden where “more is more.”

Give potted plants a boost:  Add some height and depth—and burst of color-- to your garden by placing clay pots with your favorite annuals in a wagon.

Grow an herb garden:  Looking for an easy way to create an herb garden steps from your kitchen?  Try an DIY herb garden in a wagon

Proudly display your Red, White & Blue:  If you are looking for a patriotic display for the 4th of July, put together your own backyard fireworks with annual favorites in a red wagon.  Don’t forget a flag! Or you can just paint a picture of one to last year-round.  

Bring the garden inside:  We found this adorable miniature red wagon planter made by a florist in Washington state.  What a cute birthday or baby gift!

Have you used a wagon in your garden? Share your photos and stories with us!