Recipe Printable Activity for Grandparents & Grandkids

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Recipe Printable Activity for Grandparents & Grandkids

February 25, 2021
posted by Mindy Schanzle

Does your family love to cook? Or simply spending time around the dinner table, whether it’s homemade or take-out? Whichever camp you fall in, we can all agree that food helps create shared experiences, dedicate time with loved ones, provide an opportunity to learn more about your heritage, and connect generations of family members.

To help grandparents & grandkids experience the joy of food together, we’ve created an adorable recipe card printable to encourage recipe sharing and cooking with one another. These recipe cards are meant to spark conversation, encourage storytelling, and bring plenty of smiles as grandparents and grandkids spend time in the kitchen together, in-person or virtually!

Ready to play chef? Check out these 3 fun activities that grandparents & grandkids can complete together using their recipe cards.



Family Favorites

Grandparents, is there a secret family recipe you’re excited to pass on to the special little one in your life? Use the printable recipe card to write it down and then make it with them. You can cook together in-person or over video chat (your grandchild’s parent be their sous chef). While you prepare the dish, share stories of how the recipe originated, any connection it may have to your heritage, or your own memories of making it throughout your life. After you’ve enjoyed your dish, be sure to give your grandchild the recipe card as a keepsake. They’ll love having it with your handwriting!


Recipe Swap

For this activity, both the grandparent and grandchild will choose a recipe to share. Grandparents can select an old favorite or something new they are hoping to try with their grandchild. Grandchildren can pick their favorite meal or make up something entirely imaginary. Swap recipes so you both have a reminder of your fun time cooking together.


Invent Your Own Recipe!

Perfect for a spontaneous game, work with your grandchild to invent a new recipe. Open the fridge & cupboard and see what you can make with the ingredients you have available. Or, just like the show Chopped, have your grandchild select 4 ingredients that must be used in your new recipe. You may get some crazy concoctions! Come up with a fun name for your masterpiece and be sure to write down the ingredients you used and how you prepared it on your recipe card. There are sure to be plenty of laughs along the way, and your recipe card will be a great memento of your cooking adventure.


What special recipes will you and your grandchild cook up together? The food may not last, but the memories will! Don’t forget to share your fun creations with us using #radioflyer on social media.