Our Blog: Word on the Sidewalk


May 10, 2019

Parades are a key ingredient of American summers. As a kid, I loved decorating my parade bike. I happily spent whole mornings agonizing over the best proportions of stars to stripes.  Halfway through covering my bike in crepe paper, I always wished my bike was red, white or blue. That would be such an easier starting point! 

This is one reason Radio Flyer wagons are the perfect parade float—they are red and white! Plus, they are an American tradition AND they roll. Today, I have a few tips for making your wagon stand out as you parade down the sidewalk. 


Stick It

Our wagons are designed to last for generations; don't over-decorate the family heirloom! Avoid glue, duct tape, paint or strong adhesives. For plastic and metal parts of wagons, transparent, paper or masking tape will hold without leaving too much gunk. Avoid taping anything to wood parts of your wagon—instead, tie decorations to the wood slats. If you are attaching crepe paper, wrap it around the wood slats a few times and tape the paper to itself, not the wagon. 


DIY Decor

Do some of the crafting ahead of time. Paper wheels in red, white and blue look beautiful. Paper stars really pop, especially if you have wrapping paper or scrapbooking paper to re-use. For both decorations, add a pipe cleaner or string in the middle and you can easily tie to wood sides!

If you have these decorations ready, kids can quickly go to town adding them to wagons. Or you can make these together with kids as you countdown to the excitement. You can also skip the DIY and buy flags, balloons, bunting, or garland to have on hand for easy decorating. 


Just Add Blue

Our wagons are already red and white--for quick decorating, add some blue! 

Blue Wheelies: Cut out blue rings, starting with one slightly smaller than the white part of your wheels. Keep cutting smaller and smaller rings until you are close to the edge of the red hubcap. Tape to the wheels. 

Blue Handle: Wrap blue paper around the entire handle base. Leave the part where your hand goes un-papered for easier pulling. 

Blue Stars: Cut out blue stars and scatter all over your wagon for a star-studded effect. 


OR Just Add You!

When you need to quickly roll out the door, forget the wagon decorations and focus on decorating the wagon riders. A couple of smiling kids in star spangled clothes—plus a Radio Flyer wagon—equal instant patriotic pride. A tutu, tie-dye tee, flag shirt or sparkler top will all fit the bill. A red tee and jean shorts work just as well!


Are you and your family marching in any parades this summer? Will you be doing any wagon decorating? If you are, snap a photo or take a video and upload to our story gallery!