Stop, Hop, and Roll!

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Stop, Hop, and Roll!

March 29, 2013
posted by Brittney Snow

Stop, Hop, and Roll!

Spring seems to be taking it’s time this year, but Easter is tomorrow! After coloring eggs and vacuuming up Easter basket grass, have the kids zip up their jackets and head outside to play. Below is a list of games that will help celebrate the day and burn off some of those jelly beans…  

Easter Egg Hunt: Participate in a local egg hunt or create your own. Hide your colored eggs (or the plastic ones) around the yard. You can either assign each child a color or have the winner be the person with the most eggs. Provide each participant with a basket or wagon to collect their findings. You can change it up by adding gold eggs with bonus prizes, such as money or gift certificates.

Egg Roll: If you can’t make it to that party at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for the annual Easter Egg Roll, host your own! Each child is given a hard-boiled egg in which they have to roll from the starting point to the finish line. You can allow the children to use a spoon or their feet.

Egg Toss: Warning! This game should be played once the family has changed out of their good clothes. While it can be played with boiled eggs, the breaking of raw eggs seems to be more… egg-citing. Partner each child with an adult and have them stand about 5 feet apart from each other. The egg will be tossed from one partner to the next. Those who catch the eggs without breaking them continue in the game; everyone else become spectators. After each successful catch, the players must take one step backwards to make tossing distance longer. The team left with an unbroken egg wins the game.

Click here to see other outdoor game ideas. Don’t forget to check your local listings for activities near you. Some cities have egg drops from helicopters or even doggie Easter egg hunts!

How does your family get out and play for Easter?